It’s been a while…

The family at the Utah game at USC in September

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve visited my own blog. Sorry about the lack of posting over here folks. My online attention as been focused on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I’m going to put a renewed focus on my blog in 2012.

A lot has happened in 2011: I completed my Wood Badge ticket and received my beads; I served as a troop guide on a Wood Badge staff last April; I was asked to be a senior patrol leader for a Wood Badge course in April 2012; I ran my second half-marathon (Salt Lake Half); I ran in my 5th and 6th Ragnar Relay events (Wasatch Back and Las Vegas); Neal and Riley tore it up in baseball in the Murray Liberty League; Amber and I celebrated our 16th anniversary in August; our family went to Southern California in September to Utah’s first-ever Pac-12 football game against USC in the Los Angeles Coliseum — and Disneyland and Legoland; Neal earned the Arrow of Light award; we sold our home in September and started the process to build a new home in Herriman; and finally I finished my quest for 1,000 miles in 2011 by running 725.19 miles and biking 280.3 miles for a total of 1,005.49 miles.

People have asked: Why are you moving to Herriman? We’re not sure yet. Following some promptings. Stay tuned!

Overall it’s been a great year. We look forward to the completion of our house in April or May and many more great experiences together as a family. Happy New Year!



Ran across this the other day. Great cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody by none other… The Muppets. I love the “Mahna Mahna” reference. Classic. Enjoy!

My little Utah Man…

A few weeks ago, Neal, Riley and I went to the Utah – Air Force game with some friends. We had front row seats in the northeast corner. Great seats for seeing the action in the north endzone. Not too great if you really want to see what’s going on during the game – especially at the other end of the field. Look who made it on TV right after Eddie Wide scored Utah’s first touchdown.

Way to go Riley! Keep cheering for the red! GO UTES!

Wasatch Back 2009

The 2009 version of the Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back has come and gone. Just like my first time last year, I had a blast! This year, I ran on the same team with Geoff and Jill, and Amber’s cousin, Natalie Romrell.


I was in van one this year. I had some pretty tough legs. The first one was a 6.9-mile ankle busting descent down the back side of Avon Pass into Liberty. Friday was a beautiful day to run. The temperature was in the mid-70’s and sunny. The view coming down the pass was breathtaking.


My second leg was a 8-mile climb up to East Canyon Reservoir from the north side. The first 4-5 miles was actually very nice. The climb was gradual and not too bad. The last 3 miles was steep and tough. I started this leg around 9:50 p.m. The temperature was nice and cool. When I got closer to the dam, a pretty decent breeze was blowing, which made it cooler. This leg took me about 15 minutes longer than I wanted it to. Those last few miles were tough.

After the exchange at East Canyon, we drove to Coalville and rested at North Summit High School for the rest of the night. I paid $2 and took a shower, then we went out on the football field, spread out the drop cloth and rolled out the sleeping bags. There was a slight breeze which made it cooler. It was actually very nice. We were able to sleep for about 4 hours before we had to head to the next exchange.

My last leg was a nice, 3.1-mile flat run through Heber. The weather on Saturday morning was overcast and was sprinkling rain from time to time. It was dry during my run. After we handed off to van two on this leg, we were done! Van two got pretty wet during their last six legs. We went into Park City and got some lunch, and ice cream, then rested until it was time to meet the rest of the team and family at the finish line.


Our team – Just Run – finished one hour ahead of the projected finish time at 31 hours and 35 minutes. I had a great time. I’m glad I ran in the relay. What an amazing experience and another goal to check off my list.

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