Kids and Christmas…

Have you seen the Mormon Messages the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints produces? Our family enjoys watching them. They’re thought-provoking. They’re inspirational. We met one of the producers of Mormon Messages in July when we had new family pictures taken as well as a video produced. His name is Tucker. He approached us a few months back and asked if our kids and some other kids we knew would be willing to be filmed for an upcoming video with kids about Christmas. Neal, Riley, and a few other kids we know were interviewed in our home. A few weeks ago the LDS Church released the video on its Mormon Messages YouTube channel in time for Christmas. The video, Kids and Christmas, features Riley and three of the friends – but no Neal. He was left on the cutting room floor. We didn’t say anything to him about it for a week or so. We didn’t know how he would react to not being in the video. He was actually OK with it. Neal’s a good sport. He understands. Maybe they’ll use him in another Mormon Message down the road.

Check out the video (Click on this link to be directed to the video. For some reason WordPress isn’t placing it in my post). Riley shows up around the 2:14 mark. I love his honest and sincere response to what he would say to Jesus if he was there when He was born. I love my little guy – and his bigger brother. They are sincere in their love for Jesus Christ. Enjoy the video and have a Merry Christmas.


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