Rivalry week is here

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I used to dread the third or fourth week in November. Growing up in Utah was great. Growing up a Utah football fan in the 70’s and 80’s in Utah was a test of my faith. BYU fans at school and church were ruthless. Each and every year my team would end up losing. Well, November 1988 was a different story. I was in 9th grade. As always, I was optimistic that my Utes were going to win. Our quarterback was Scott Mitchell. He was shattering NCAA passing and offense records right and left. He was a stud. My optimistic dreams came true that year — Utah beat BYU, 57-28. They ended the game on a four game winning streak.

Not much else happened for a few more years in this rivalry. It turned back into dominance by BYU. But, this was the first step in what has become a neck and neck battle. Utah is 10-7 against the Cougars since Chris Yergensen kicked the game winner in Provo in 1993. Since 2000, both teams have won five games each. This year is set to be another great game. Utah started strong this season, but dropped two against TCU and Notre Dame. They seem to have the offense moving again after a nice win at San Diego State. BYU started soft and is improving each week right now. Of course I’m hoping my Utes will finish strong and take a 10-2 record and second place in the Mountain West into the Las Vegas Bowl.

Here’s a few videos of the games I’ve mentioned above: Utah’s win over BYU in 1988 – the first time in ten years. My favorite part of the first video is at the beginning. Eddie Johnson scores a touchdown and ends up in front of a BYU cheerleader. Eddie sticks out his hand and the cheerleader gives him five. Classic. Then, the one that started it all – Chris Yergensen’s game winning 55 yard field goal in Provo in 1993. Have fun on Saturday and cheer loud!


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