The rivalry in the eyes of Neal

Neal has been very busy drawing in his notebook lately. The other night, he came and showed this to Amber and I. Call it brainwashing if you want. We just see it that he is being raised properly! 😉 Pay particular attention to the path of the pass from the Utah quarterback to the Utah receiver diving with outstretched arms. Also, take a look at the scoreboard. What a kid!


This comment by the coach of the team down south, Bronco Mendenhall is what drives me nuts about that institution and some of it’s members. This was in Jeff Call’s article in today’s Deseret Morning News.

IN-STATE RECRUITING WARS: When asked, Mendenhall downplayed the short-term, and long-term, impact of Saturday’s game on in-state recruiting. "This year I wouldn’t anticipate it because the majority of our class is already committed," he said. "In terms of years to come, it’s hard to say because I believe we’re looking for two types of recruits. Here, with the opportunity these players have with a religious experience, high academic standards and the type of social setting this is, it’s really quite a distinct choice between ourselves and Utah. There might be a number of kids each year that we cross over on, but it’s not as many as most people think."

This is one comment that bugs me. Many people associated with the school down south often make the comment that an education from the University of Utah is so sub par and that as a member of the LDS church, you can’t have a spiritual experience there. Yes, the spiritual tone may not be at the level as the school down south, but it is still available. Both institutions offer wonderful spiritual and educational opportunities (i.e., Utah’s medical school, and SDS’s business and law programs to name a few). I’m sure Bronco didn’t mean it the way it came out, but it sure didn’t read that way to me.


4 thoughts on “The rivalry in the eyes of Neal

  1. One more thought on the quality of the respective institutions…

    BYU is not classified as a R1 institution. In other words, a research institution, whereas, the University of Utah has a long, proud history of research and academic achievements in many areas. The most telling example is that of Utah’s recent Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Mario Cappechi for his work in genetics.

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